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Celebrating the Donkervoort F22’s Anniversary with a Groundbreaking World Record.

Thursday 12/14/2023
The Donkervoort F22 supercar has shattered the existing production-car record for dynamic cornering power, clocking an incredible 2.3g of lateral acceleration.

The unmodified Donkervoort F22, on its first fit Nankang tyres, set the automotive world’s new cornering benchmark, somewhat unexpectedly as a serendipitous snapshot of man and machine in perfect harmony, while shooting a video to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its production launch. 

With Donkervoort Managing Director Denis Donkervoort at the wheel, the F22 was pushed to its limits around the Zandvoort circuit, home of the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix – and Dutch supercar manufacturer Donkervoort. Demonstrating the pinnacle of Donkervoort's design and engineering prowess, the F22 broke the record of the Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70, achieving a remarkable 2.1g.

“Our specifications listed the dynamic lateral acceleration for the F22 as 2.15g, but we’ve confirmed it is a lot higher than that,” Denis Donkervoort said.

“We were shooting a celebratory video for the anniversary of the F22, to thank the people who developed it, the customers who made it a sell-out success, and the new fans we’ve welcomed. So, the dynamic lateral peak was a happy surprise to us. We already knew it would clock at least 2.15g, but 2.3g is absolutely the new benchmark for supercars, a testament to the work Donkervoort’s development team have done so far, and encouragement for where they are going next.”

“I’m very proud that the F22 took the world record for dynamic lateral acceleration from... well, from us, to keep it in the family. Its predecessor, the Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70, peaked at 2.1g,” Donkervoort said. 

With this record, Donkervoort not only surpassed its own benchmarks but also exceeded the expectations of others, as evidenced by the highly favourable reviews the F22 has received from the world press.


At 750kg, the F22 is the lightest road-registered, two-seat supercar in the world, even with an innovative Twin Targa carbon fibre roof, a larger interior and a 500hp, five-cylinder turbo petrol engine.

With 666hp/tonne, the F22 also has double the torsional and bending rigidity of its predecessor.

The F22 was Donkervoort’s first all-new car since Denis Donkervoort took over management of his family’s company in 2021 and is designed entirely in-house by a design team led by Jordi Wiersma and mentored by world-leading designer and Donkervoort Advisory Board member Amko Leenarts.

Due to the F22's increased popularity, Donkervoort expanded its production to 100 units, which were almost instantly sold out, with the supercar expanding the company’s footprint in the USA and the UAE, as well as its traditional stronghold in Europe.

“The F22 really marked Donkervoort 2.0: a rebirth of the brand that focuses on building exclusive, tailored supercars and exclusive, tailored driving lifestyle experiences.”

“Living The Drive embodies us in everything we do.”

‘’We look forward to continuing this adventure in 2024, since there’s much more under development for the future of Donkervoort,” Donkervoort said.

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Laura van Staaveren
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