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‘Fast’ redefined – Donkervoort introduces new product range for 2016

Wednesday 2/3/2016
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‘Fast’ redefined

Donkervoort introduces new product range for 2016

Following the continued high praise for the D8 GTO and victories in the competition against the ‘big boys of the industry’ in the international press in 2015 – including a first place on the Red Bull Ring for AutoRevue Magazine (A), winner of the comparison test for the TV programme GRIP (D) and a second-place on the Circuit de Magny Cours for Motorsport Magazine (F) – Donkervoort is expanding its product range in 2016. The successful D8 GTO series is going a step further, a step bigger, a step more extreme…!

Memorable year
A glorious year, that in one sense made us think back to another memorable year. The year 2005, in which Donkervoort also made news around the world thanks to the lap record of the D8 270 RS on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, proving that it was more than a match for the major car manufacturers with their equally major budgets. The ‘RS’ was at that time the most spectacular Donkervoort ever made. Only a limited series of 25 cars were built. 10 years later, it is still a popular classic, with not only a historic value, but also a high commercial value.

Get to know…
In recent years, the D8 GTO earned its title, and proved itself, as “one of the world’s fastest street legal sports cars”.
An awesome result. But does this mean that Donkervoort will be resting on its laurels this year? Absolutely not! On the contrary – this is the perfect moment for a next step: a step further, a step bigger, a step more extreme…!

With due pride, Donkervoort hereby presents the very first ‘dark’ glimpses of the product range for 2016. Please meet the Donkervoort D8 GTO-S, the D8 GTO-RS and the D8 GTO-R!

Donkervoort D8 GTO-S | The ultimate Donkervoort for the street
The GTO-S (Sport) does not look too different from its older brother, the D8 GTO. However, the focus with the ‘S’ is on even more comfort. Extra comfort during normal street use, during tours and, of course, on the wonderful mountain roads in Europe and beyond.

The D8 GTO-S will be available as of the start of February 2016 (first delivery: March 2016) and will have a starting price of €115,173, excluding taxes.

Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS | The return of a legend…
You read it right: the D8 GTO-RS. The legendary RS is back! And its ambitions are just as great as those of its predecessor. What do these ambitions involve? We will leave that up to you and your own imagination…

This will be the ultimate D8 GTO! Developed in total secrecy during the past two years from scratch – both in terms of design and engineering.

The D8 GTO-RS will be available as of June 2016 as a limited edition of 40 units, and will have a starting price of €151,173, excluding taxes.

Donkervoort D8 GTO-R | Thoroughbred circuit monster
Introducing the brazen twin brother of the D8 GTO RS: the D8 GTO-R (Race) – the first purebred racing car in almost 40 years of Donkervoort history. It will not be allowed on public roads, but will be all the more welcome at the many circuits around the world.

The D8 GTO-R will be launched in the autumn of 2016, and will have a starting price of €251,173, excluding taxes.

Interesting selection of used D8 GTOs, thanks to presales
“The advance announcement of the new product range to a select group of Donkervoort owners at the end of 2015 was very positively received. It resulted immediately in a number of advance orders, which was already a great compliment in itself!
It has also led to a good selection of the very first used GTOs, for which considerable demand has already arisen. The arrival of the GTO-S, -RS and -R is therefore making it possible for even more Donkervoort fans to buy the fabulous D8 GTO!

Denis Donkervoort – Managing Director

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Established in 1978 by Joop Donkervoort and now led by his son, Denis, Donkervoort Automobielen has sold more than 1,500 cars. Operating from Lelystad, The Netherlands, with a team of over 50 experts, the company initially gained renown with the D10 in 1988, setting a world acceleration record, followed by the D8 270 RS in 2005 with a record lap at the Nürburgring. The F22, further integrating their patented, advanced Ex-Core carbon fibre technology, set a new benchmark in 2023 by achieving 2.3g of lateral acceleration at the Zandvoort circuit, surpassing the D8 GTO-JD70's previous 2.1g record, showcasing Donkervoort’s engineering prowess. Their focus on exclusive, tailored supercars and driving lifestyle experiences continues to embody the ‘Living the Drive’ ethos. Looking to the future, Donkervoort hints at more innovations, continuing the brand's adventurous evolution.

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