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First Donkervoort D8 GTO Touring delivered

Wednesday 10/29/2014
Donkervoort D8 GTO Touring Edition

D8 GTO Touring

This summer the last of the Premium D8 GTOs – the first of their kind ever built, in a limited series of 25 cars with full options – left the factory in Lelystad.

Meanwhile, the successors to the Premium GTOs – the D8 GTO Performance and D8 GTO Touring – were already chomping at the bit, eager to hit the street and the track. Following the delivery of the first D8 GTO Performance a few weeks ago, last weekend the keys to a brand new D8 GTO Touring – destined for Andorra – were presented to the new owner with great pleasure.

Whereas the D8 GTO Performance has much in common with the Premiums in terms of performance, weight and features, the D8 GTO Touring was specifically designed for drivers for whom the incredible track performance of the GTO is not the top priority. This somewhat lower-priced version, which weighs in at 730 kg, is slightly heavier than the D8 GTO Performance and has also had its suspension, brakes and wheels specially configured for other kinds of driving, such as long tours. The AUDI 2.5L R5 TFSI engine in the D8 GTO Touring produces 340 hp, compared to the 380 hp of the Performance version. Nevertheless, the performance is still extraordinary: the D8 GTO Touring accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds.

Two versions
These two new versions mark the beginning of a new era in Donkervoort history: the era of the ‘production model’ of the D8 GTO. Is the series now complete with these two new versions? One thing is certain: Donkervoort never stands still when it comes to the development and further optimization of its cars. Naturally we will keep you informed..!

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