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First Donkervoort D8 GTOs delivered in Switzerland

Wednesday 1/29/2014
First Donkervoort D8 GTOs delivered in Switzerland


GTOs now also officially on the road outside the European Union.

This past week was again an important milestone in the history of the Donkervoort D8 GTO. No less than two (Premium) D8 GTOs received their Swiss licence plates. Under a delightful wintry sun and in the beautiful surroundings of Zurich the keys of the brand new GTOs were handed to their new owners. And with this the first GTOs outside the European Union were delivered.

In 2013 the latest Donkervoort addition won the new European small series type approval. This type approval did not only open the doors in all European Member States, but is also accepted in Switzerland, Russia and the Gulf States. After prior deliveries of the Premium GTOs in various countries within the European Union, the latest Donkervoort model was officially registered in a country outside the EU for the very first time this past week. A memorable moment, in which the brand-new full-options GTOs were delivered to their happy new owners in Switzerland under personal escort of Dennis Donkervoort.

So from now on keep your eyes and ears wide open when driving through Switzerland. Because who knows … maybe you too will see the Donkervoort D8 GTO on the Swiss (mountain) roads!