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Relaunch of the Ex-Core website

Thursday 11/9/2023
Overhaul helps companies unlock their carbon-composite potential with user-friendliness and intuitive new features.


  • Debut of the Ex-Core Score

  • Clarity on Ex-Core suitability for different uses

  • Greater detail on Ex-Core advantages

  • Ex-Core innovations - Detailed collaboration opportunities

Lelystad, The Netherlands: Carbon-composites innovator Ex-Core has relaunched its global website, bringing intuitive new features, a simplified user experience and greater clarity for carbon-composite users.

The site has been relaunched to feature the new Ex-Core Score, a ground-breaking method of streamlining engineering, production and design applicability for potential ExCore carbon-composite clients.

The revamped Ex-Core website is online now and demonstrates proven Ex-Core use cases in fields from luxury yachting to Formula One and Le Mans racing cars to medical instruments.

It outlines the simple methodology required to become a first mover in a variety of fields, limited only by an imagination that requires exceptional strength but lightweight.

With significant strength and vibration-damping advantages over conventional prepreg carbon-fibre production processes, the Ex-Core expanding-foam sandwich process is fully explained on the updated website.

The site goes through the Ex-Core production process in both easy-to-read and technical detail. It is more focused than ever before on helping companies understand whether or not the technology would benefit them.

It also outlines the different pathways to carbon-fibre production that can benefit from using Ex-Core’s system and gives a methodology for clients to choose whether to produce their own Ex-Core components or have Ex-Core do it for them.

For more information, contact Laura van Staaveren [press] or Ex-Core [enquiries].

We are Ex-Core

EX-CORE has its origins in a research project by Dutch boutique supercar maker Donkervoort in 2011 and is now a separate company.

Donkervoort’s engineers and designers were not satisfied with the available carbon-fibre offerings and were demanding more in strength, design flexibility, ease of use and low cost, flexible production.

With nothing on the horizon, Donkervoort developed Ex-Core into a product that fitted its obsession with ultra-lightweight, tremendous strength, the ability to be moulded into seemingly impossible angles and good looks.

It also lowered costs, with very low wastage and low energy compared to conventional processes, and Ex-Core claimed several patents and an EU grant.

Ex-Core was spun off into its own company in 2022, and its clients, from the world of motorsport to supercars to aviation and luxury yachting, have signed on to Donkervoort’s original idea.

For more information, please visit

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Laura van Staaveren
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