Spin-off Ex-Core – Donkervoort’s Ex-Core Technologies now officially a stand-alone company

Ex-Core Technologies, from Dutch family sportscar maker Donkervoort, has succeeded where others have failed

Ex-Core has revolutionized carbon-fibre manufacturing with a process that can create complex shapes with an environmentally friendly process. The technology is giving lessons to the world’s most famous carmakers, thanks to breakthrough, patented technologies in one-shot, whole-parts carbon-fibre production.

Under development at Donkervoort’s research arm since 2007, Ex-Core has already won a European Innovation Grant in High-Tech Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and several national grants. Donkervoort developed Ex-Core for its own use, but quickly learned there was demand from other industries, like yacht makers, motorsport operations, bicycles, specialist sports and even drones.

Now, with Ex-Core Technologies as a stand-alone company, the expertise within Donkervoort can expand from making some of the world’s fastest sportscars into potentially every area of specialist manufacturing. Revolutionizing not just the automotive, but all industries.

Key Advantages of Ex-Core

Ex-Core will enable companies to build lighter and stronger components than ever before, while minimizing manufacturing time and delivering eye-opening design freedom.

One of Ex-Core’s key advantages is that it retains all the strength properties of traditional carbon-fibre, but removes its limitations, including the expensive outer elements.

Ex-Core cleans up the environmental credentials of carbon-fibre, leaving nothing but the material’s advantages in strength, lightness and lending it an ability to make complicated shapes that were once thought to be impossible.

Yet another benefit is that Ex-Core produces far fewer hidden defects inside its carbon-fibre shapes. Because it pushes out with internal pressure, it forces the fibres into every corner in a precise way, so there is no longer a requirement to design in extra material for assumed defects.

JEC World

Introducing the revolutionizing manufacturing technology to a worldwide audience, Ex-Core Technologies be participating at JEC World, the leading international composites trade show, in Paris on May 12-14, 2020.

Production process

A unique single-shotproduction method

Founded by Joop Donkervoort in 1978, Donkervoort Automobielen is based in Lelystad, in The Netherlands. Now managed by his son, Denis, Donkervoort has sold more than 1500 cars and maintains a staff of more than 50. It earned sportscar credibility in 1988 when its D10 smashed the world acceleration record, then earned more when the D8 270 RS broke the Nürburgring Nordschleife lap record, with a 7:14:89 lap time, in 2005. Its cars range from comfortable tourers to harder-edged track models and besides sheer speed, the brand is also known for exacting attention to detail.

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