Production Process Optimisation // Internship 

For 40 years, Donkervoort has been producing a sports car based on a tubular steel frame, a lightweight body and a sporty tuned chassis that is suitable for use both on public roads and on the circuit as a so-called trackday car. The car is completely assembled by hand and all main components are manufactured in-house, from welding the chassis to making all carbon panels.

In order to meet demand and to reduce delivery times, production needs to be scaled up. To this end, the production process is examined and, where possible, optimised. This entire process is also accommodated in a so-called ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Job description
The internship assignment involves the optimisation of (parts of) the assembly process, with a special focus on the material flows. In addition, the trainee helps to set up the ERP system and makes part analyses of the process.

What we ask from you
The intern is very closely involved in the implementation of his / her improvements in production. A pragmatic approach and practical skills are required. An independent working posture is needed to make a contribution within the dynamic environment.

Internship period
From August / September 2022

Send your motivation letter with your Curriculum Vitae to:
Donkervoort Automobielen B.V.
Subject: Production Process Optimisation // Internship
By email to [email protected]

Acquisition as a result of this vacancy is not appreciated.