Each Donkervoort is made for enjoyment. A super sports car that allows drivers to escape to fabulous destinations. To visit unique events. To push their boundaries on race tracks. In short, to be adventurous. Read more about our events and experiences. And how the Donkervoort Events team strives to deliver the best experience through personal attention, full support and superior service. Both on the road and on location.

Driving a Donkervoort

What does driving a Donkervoort feel like? Donkervoort drivers never cease to talk about the overwhelming driving pleasure. The escape from the daily grind of life. The combination of an ideal way to let off steam and the ultimate sports car experience. Donkervoort sports cars offer ultra-low weight, superb road handling and superior performance. A true sports car, built entirely by hand in the Netherlands, according to the personal wishes and requirements of the owner.

Events & services

The same attention to detail that is lavished on our sports cars is spent on ensuring participants of tours, track days and other events have a carefree and enjoyable experience. Our highly experienced Events team prides itself in offering full service with a personal, fast and friendly touch. From transport, technical support and coaching to exclusive Donkervoort pit boxes at race tracks, luxurious hotel rooms and ambient drivers’ dinners. Every little detail is perfectly taken care of to ensure your experience is as pleasant and relaxing as possible. We offer events to suit everyone, whether it’s groups or individuals. So don’t miss out, check the calendar on this page and sign up in time!

Events & Experiences in 2022


Tuesday 2 to Wednesday 3 August 2022
Type: Track Experience
Location: Circuit de Spa Francorchamps (B)


Tuesday 20 September 2022
Type: Training
Location: Circuit Zandvoort (NL)



Wednesday 21 to Monday 26 September 2022
Type: Travel Experience
Location: Alps (A, CH) & Northern Italy (I)



Monday 17 to Tuesday 18 October 2022
Type: Track Experience
Location: Circuit Paul Ricard (F)


Saturday 17 December 2022
Location: Lelystad (NL)

What do owners say?

“After purchasing our Donkervoort, we didn’t need to think about what we wanted to do with it. The hard part was to choose which events to go to as there were so many choices!”

Sense of family

Just like in our family business, there is a strong sense of family and kinship among Donkervoort drivers. Donkervoort drivers want to enjoy their sports car to the fullest. Have enjoyable and memorable experiences. And celebrate life with their Donkervoort, both in the Netherlands and abroad. This is precisely why we are committed to organising unique events, such as race tracks days, factory tours, exclusive sneak previews and multi-day, fully catered tours to special places throughout Europe. The mission of the Donkervoort Events team is to provide service beyond your expectations and ensure you are completely satisfied.

Not an owner yet?

Are you not yet in possession of a Donkervoort? You are more than welcome to get acquainted with our brand and our philosophy. Our factory tours offer an exclusive look behind the scenes and will allow you to see the craftsmanship and love that goes into our cars. Or experience what it’s like to drive around the track in a D8 GTO during the co-pilot experience.

More information

If you would like to learn more about the events on our calendar, our Events team will be happy to answer any questions you may have, provide you with useful tips or work with you to find a solution to your needs. After all, your enjoyment and providing unparalleled experiences are our highest priority.

Watch our after movies for more impressions

Below you will find a number of after movies from previous events that will give you a good impression of the pleasant atmosphere, the beautiful locations, the awe-inspiring drivers’ roads and our service.

Donkervoort Ambassador Tour // Edition 2021

Donkervoort Dutch Tour // Edition 2021

Donkervoort Endless Summer // 2021 - Paul Ricard (F)

Donkervoort Exclusive // Super Car Sunday, Zandvoort (NL)

Donkervoort Endless Summer // 2019 - Barcelona (E)

Donkervoort Ambassador Tour // Edition 2019 - Côte d'Azur (F)

More information

We cordially invite you to the world of Donkervoort! Therefore, visit this website regularly with an overview of the upcoming events to register in time. And please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.

See you at our events!

Corporate Events

The remarkable story of Donkervoort Automobielen and the opportunity to be surrounded by exclusive hand-built sports cars form the perfect backdrop for a successful corporate event. Both the spacious, semi-circular glass showroom and the top floor offer stunning views of the A6 motorway and provide a variety of possibilities for receptions, presentations and conferences. It goes without saying that we have the resources available to support your presentation, such as a podium, professional sound and lighting, microphones, (TV) screens and technicians on site. In line with our philosophy, this part of your event will be fully made to measure to fit your every need.