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Donkervoort F22 Pre-Owned [SOLD]

Thursday 6/27/2024

The Unicorn

Imagine you were desperate to get your hands on a supercar so rare, that even if you could order one today, you’d have to wait two years before your car would be ready.

Except you can’t even do that because the full production run is sold out, and nobody wants to give up their place for you, no matter what you offer. 

Your options are running out, so you’re left with: 

  • A) taking a lesser car from another brand

  • B) not buying a car at all

  • C) buying an earlier Donkervoort

  • D) begging Donkervoort itself for a solution to your crisis

If you answered C), then you’re finally in luck because a unicorn has just come up for sale.

Not only does Donkervoort finally have a much-loved F22 in its curated Pre-Owned collection, but it even comes with a two-year warranty and a full Donkervoort Care Program.

Except that the F22 pulls well over 2G in corners these days, and this is your only chance to buy an as-new supercar that beats every current production Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin in power-to-weight ratio, pulling to 100km/h in less than 2.5 seconds, and to 200km/h in 7.5 seconds.

This particular F22 also has a tight association with Donkervoort because its previous owner ordered it because he didn’t want to wait for his late-build F22 Bare Naked Carbon Edition to immerse himself in the world of the F22.

This low-mileage car was also used to match the colour of the Wajer 44 demo yacht, which shares its Ex-Core carbon-fibre technology.

2G or not 2G

There is a magnificent video of this particular F22 being unleashed in the mountains.

It has only ever been maintained by Donkervoort, and much of its driving has been done in conjunction with Donkervoort events like the Ambassador Tour.

So, to paraphrase William Shakespeare into a more Donkervoort language, the question now is 2G or not 2G.


Download all detailed specifications of this particular F22 or leave your contact details, and our team will contact you shortly to provide you with the specifications, schedule an exclusive viewing, and discuss purchase options. Price on Application.

Did You Know?

Donkervoort’s tailored originality enables you to make even the newest Pre-Owned Donkervoort uniquely yours. Whether you choose a performance upgrade, a different colour palette, or add your name to the official Donkervoort ownership plate, we ensure a machine that goes beyond special to become a reflection of you.

With Donkervoort, you can even start Living the Drive right away with a guaranteed trade-in on a Pre-Owned vehicle while waiting for your new one to be built.

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