First glimpse of the new location of Donkervoort Automobielen GmbH

Only a few more weeks to go. The official opening date of the new Donkervoort location in Germany is fast approaching. The construction activities were finalised last week; the approximately 400 m² hall was completely renovated in the past months according to the wishes and needs of Donkervoort. This milestone also ushers in the beginning of the last phase prior to the opening: the further design of Hall A2 at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort where Donkervoort will be located.

With this little ‘sneak peek’ Donkervoort is already lifting just a tip of the veil of the beautifully renovated old munitions hall that was used by the British Army. The hall that will fulfil a new role at the end of this month: the birth place and shelter of high tech and ultra light hand-made Dutch sports cars…

Experience and discover the new Donkervoort location at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort for yourself. Whether you are a Donkervoort driver or just a Donkervoort friend or interested party, you are all very welcome at the official opening on Saturday, 24 May 2014.

Donkervoort Automobielen GmbH
Donkervoort Automobielen GmbH is a smaller version of the factory in Lelystad. The German establishment will become an important sales point for Germany and the surrounding countries. Also, existing Donkervoort drivers can come here for maintenance, service and repairs on their cars.

The Bilster Berg Drive Resort is the choice circuit for tack day devotees. For that reason Donkervoort will regularly organise (participate in) Track Days for its clients as well as support drivers through Track Day Support. In addition the establishment offers various opportunities for storage and track day preparation of Donkervoorts. And naturally the circuit will be fully utilised for the many future Donkervoort developments…!

In addition, over time Donkervoort Automobielen GmbH will also add the final assembly for the new Donkervoorts intended for the German market to its activities.