Opening Donkervoort Automobielen GmbH – Saturday, 24 May 2014

In the same exciting year in which the brand new D8 GTO was officially introduced to and very well-received by the world, Donkervoort made the decision to take another leap of faith. In 2014 a new – 100% Donkervoort – establishment would be opened at the German Bilster Berg Resort.

In the past months the approximately 400 m² hall was renovated from top to bottom in order to meet the needs of Donkervoort. And so Donkervoort Automobielen GmbH becomes the smaller version of the factory in Lelystad and will provide, among others, maintenance and repairs, sales of new and used Donkervoorts, track day (support), etc.

And now this day is almost upon us. In a very short time Donkervoort Automobielen GmbH will move into the beautiful location on the Bilster Berg Drive Resort. This exciting event, but especially amazing new chapter in the nearly 36-year history of Donkervoort, we would like to celebrate together with you during the official opening on Saturday, 24 May 2014.

PROGRAMME │ Saturday, 24 May 2014
Of course we are enormously interested in what your thoughts will be. Therefore we do hope you can be present on the 24th of May starting around 3:00 p.m., while enjoying a little bite and a drink, in the pleasant ambience you are used to from us. Following this, starting at about 4:00 p.m., is the official part with in closing the unveiling and official opening of the brand new building. Of course with the opportunity to talk about it afterwards and to make your acquaintance with the team and all aspects of the Donkervoort location at Bilster Berg.

Here too we operate – like you are used to from us – under the credo ‘No Compromise’. And so you won’t only get acquainted with the Donkervoort building and the team, but of course also with the circuit itself…! After a short (mandatory) briefing before the start, you will get the opportunity to get acquainted with the 4.2 kilometre long circuit* in your own Donkervoort from 6:00 p.m. to approx. 8:00 p.m. A circuit designed by the famous architect Herman Tilke (designer of many F1 circuits) in close collaboration with the legendary rally rider Walter Röhrl. With 19 turns and 44 elevation changes a challenge for both, racing driver and car. It was also recently chosen as ‘Circuit of the Year 2013′. You probably won’t need any more encouragement…?

We very much look forward to the event and certainly hope you will be there on the 24th of May as well.

With sporty regards,
Team Donkervoort

* Limited time on the circuit (time based on the number of participants and noise restrictions). With a large number of registrations the participants will be divided into groups.